Kontrolleur using resources without running

I got a new phone, and of course I have put kontrolleur on it. I have noticed however that kontrolleur use quite a bit of battery. I ran it last time 3 or 4 days ago, but in the battery page it shows as using 7% of the battery even though I have not been running it for days.

galaxy nexus w. ICS 4.04

terminating it in taskmanager didn’t help?

yes, that obviously helps, but it is the only app I have that use resources without being used. Shouldn’t the android system automatically kill apps when they are not used?

i dunno really for me it seemed totally random but this stuff will be a problem inside processing not with kontrolleur i guess

Hmm more wondering. I have not been running kontrolleur since last week and killed it in the task manager but it still shows up being the second or third most battery consuming app after the display using between 4 and 10 percent of the battery. When I click to stop it, it is already stopped.
Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?