Kontrolleur (Network)

is that thing working somehow???
for me it launches only when wi-fi is off. (android 3.2)
and after all it’s not allow me to use dots in IP…

i have it running on android 2.3.7
no other device at hand.

wifi is of course vital, 3g is of no use here.
concerning the dots: known problem. but can’t you workaround by simply not deleting the dots that are there and only replacing the values?!

thanks for replay.

no way(( it’s crash if wi-fi is on.
if wi-fi is off at launch it’s say “NO NETWORK FOUND” so no dots to keep
and third method is copy-paste from other app… paste values and remove dots(((

and i have no android coder near me, to play around source code(((

what exactly you need? we got screenshot send to udp and receive touches on osc, we can try to puss ourselves to release it, list for android

@antokhio i would like to play around pins direct control.

I herd it’s called hde, new alpha must have it, meanwhile touchosc is perfect for controll. TuioDroid for multitouch.

thanks. fixed in new version