Kommunicator don't work

hi, tryed to upload screenshots but kommunicator act’s wierd
on clean install tryed latest alpha, and dx node

… no text …

hm…can you be more specific about that? i just tried:

  • download latest alpha (without addonpack)
  • start it
  • create quad -> renderer
  • press ctrl+3
    and i see the kommunikators window with the screenshot inside.

what are your exact steps?
do you get anything in tty?

repeated exact steps

updated image

the same here, since beta28

hm…anything in TTY?
how about official beta29.2?

anyone else with the same?

checked on 29.2 still same

fun thing screenshots from preview dx11 still work ;]

ok, found source of evil, got gtx590, witch is 2 videocards in one, 4 outputs. So kommunikator don’t work when i have both videocards enabled, for instance i use 3 monitors in row. (2 heads on one card, 1 head on other). Since i use that setup 80% of time was not really obvious

hello, any news on that one?

Fixed, now Renderer uses format useable as bitmap.

For older versions than b31 build, in renderer inspektor set format to R8G8B8A8_Unorm.

hey, wanted to let you know the problem is persists even without dx11 pack
as soon as i have 2 GPU’s enabled, it don’t do screenshots anymore in dx11 and dx9, and on a single gpu everything was ok with 11 too
but even with new release it still blank

Same same ^

Is there any work around?