Kinect2 Pointcloud with colors

Hi evvvveryone,

In the 17. vvvv meetup @lasal showed his VL.fuseutils in which he made a realtime colored pointcloud. I downloaded his files and tried to make it work but somehow it did not work on version 2022.5.0-0517.

here are the files: Aristides Garcia / VL.FuseUtils · GitLab

Maybe someone could update it or tell me how to fix it



Hi yungbroco,
i’ve updated the repo, now it should work with Gamma >= 5.0-530 & VL.Fuse.0.2.4

I don’t have a Kinect2 here right know, but it should work as before.

It will probably be updated again soon to work with the new Fuse lib.


Thank you for the fast reply. It works like a charm!!!

You are my hero:)

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Enjoy ;)