Je désirerais un coup de main a propos de la kinect.
J’ai un projet de spectacle où j’aimerais utiliser hand(kinect OPen ni).

J’utilise window 7 64bit, j’ai essayé d’installer les différents programmes comme l’indique certains forum mais lorsque j’ouvre hand(kinect OPen ni)
certaines nodes sont rouge, entre autre hand.

Y aurait il moyen de savoir la démarche a suivre (petit tuto).

J’utilise vvvv, mon patch est déjà finalisé mais je patauge au niveau kinect.


english? … no text …

i think i understand that you have red nodes
and you’re trying to use the Hand (OpenNI) node.

Can you let us know what version of OpenNI you have installed?
you need to install 3 things for OpenNI as well as VVVV:

  • OpenNI
  • NITE
  • SensorKinect (you said you are using Kinect)

please check you have installed all of these.
Maybe somebody has a good link to where to download all the right versions?

this is what you need

on the 1st post you have the link, i recommend you to read the whole post, its long but everything is there

but note, that you don’t need to download anything from openni-plugin. only take info from there, the plugin itself is already in the addonpack of beta27.1