Kinect v2 PointCloud Minimum/Maximum for X,Y values, or cropping to player data?

Hi, having a lot of fun getting to know VL Gamma!

Was just wondering if there was an easy way to add/access the X, Y minimum and maximum values on the PointCloud node for Kinect v2; when I look inside the patch, I can’t access the “CollectedPoints” node the pins for the Min Max Z values are coming from, so I’m for a loss at how to edit it.

What I’d really like to do is filter the PointCloud output to the player data, leaving out the background, but that seems like it’d be a more difficult task.

I’ve tried using the Spreadbuilder nodes to remove ranges, but so far I’ve only been successful removing random portions of the data/shot, and I’ve attempted to use Skia Masks using the Player data, but it doesn’t seem to work mixing the 2D and 3D spaces camera wise.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Either way, thanks for putting together such an in depth and thoughtful package of help files and examples, coming from vvvv beta it’s really making the transition much more seamless. =)