Kinect stream over lan


is it possible to join 2 or 3 kinect depth streams into one cloud via lan ?


Yea it’s possible but quite expensive on cpu
I use zero mq and asraw dx11 texture and raw as dx11 tex…


would it be less expensive with hap-q codec as its done in td ?


Don’t think that would help that much to have that codec…
Prolly some extension for kinect plugin would help a lot more, the problem there that you readback kinect texture from GPU, and there are no way to get it less expensive out of gpu… Also, since this also a floating point format don’t think spout will work…

Rest is pretty simple: pc per kinect… network solo for that and should work pretty much…
Never did this multi-kinect calibration thought… think tmp might know something.


you could also have a look at the zeromq example in my particles pack ->

or you can use the AsRaw (DX11.Particles.Tools Texture2D) node to convert the kinect texture to a raw stream and send it via lan.

the first method is the better solution because you can do some pre-filtering on the sender side and decrease network traffic


This might be of interest on the topic.