Kinect Spin

Wondering what would be a good way to spin a 3d object with kinect.
Because eventually there is the problem that for a spinning gestures the user goes back and forth with the hand. which results in a neutral direction when using the typical method for detecting movement directions (e.g. queue, framedifference)

Any esperiences?

What about using the elbow as center and calculating the rotation of the hand, if angle is > than, then …

Try combination of Gesture (Kinect2) and Skeleton joint tracking to increase the precision of the spinning angle.

There is great workshop by @motzi on Kinect gestures.

This rotation node is probably good choice for spinning objects.
%vvvv%\lib\nodes\modules\Transform\Rotate (Transform Successive Vector).v4p

Thanks for the support!

Hey, i just registered on the forum because i saw your request on facebook. ;)
I just want to leave this here:

haha cool thank you and welcome to the forum :)

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