Kinect skeleton stops working

Hi there,

I have a very simple patch, where a user is recognized via Kinect skeleton and then his silhouette is blended with a texture created in vvvv. The patch has been running daily for month now without any problem. Now is seems as if the Kinect isn’t recognizing the users anymore. The screen just goes blanc. I tried to rebuilt the basics in a new patch and it worked shortly, then went blanc again. Otherwise the Kinect seems to be fine.

Could there be a problem with the camera, or rather with the patch? I haven’t made any changes though.

Thanks in advance!

if you haven’t changed anything in the patch, than it can not be the issue, right? do you have a chance to try with a different kinect?

I will try that next week. I just thought I’d ask, if someone has another idea.

We once had an issue with Kinects that were strange in a related way:

We used Intel NUCs that barely could handle the load imposed by a Kinect2. After a few hours, when a certain thermal limit was reached, the CPUs would throttle the clock speed just slightly and the Kinect framework (not the v4-patch!) failed to reach a consistent 30fps. That led to the Kinect driver stopping and restarting the data stream - equaling massive hickups in the Kinect nodes.
We enabled the Kinect Microphone service - even though we did not need it - because then the driver would always get a low bandwith signal and not shutdown the whole stream, but just skip a few frames and continue working. That was a fun day with google.

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