Kinect project in VVVV

Hi there, I’m new to VVVV but heard it was one of the better ways to create interactive pieces using a Kinect sensor. So my question is there any tutorials on how to use Kinect in VVVV.

The interactive piece will hopefully consist of the following:

An idle screen which consists a video/audio clip on loop.

To proceed past the idle screen the user will have to wave ( both arms using elbows.) to get to the next part.

Another video / audio piece explaining the project. After the explanation 3 options appear, the user will choose one of these options, using hand gesture like hand hovers over the option for a few seconds then it proceeds to play that video option.

after that video is done, the project shall return to the start, the idle screen.

Hey Marcus-Lane!
A similar questions has been posted here As this is your first project with vvvv I suggest you also have a look at documentation. As for a kinect patch example you can head over to


Thanks dl!

That prototype looks like the type of project I would like to produce, but
How would I build an interface for VVVV / kinect that would play video files?
Instead of a slideshow of pictures in the project you have shown me.

or the help patches of kinect nodes are pretty good too

Hey Marcus,
Look at the different filestream-(dshow9) nodes to play videos in vvvv. I would set up three different video stills and as soon as one image is selected play the according video.