Kinect PointCloud Network transfert


I’m using the DX11-PointCloud-Master Pack of Elliot to send Points by network.
The patches Server Clients Works in localhost but when I put an IP adresse even in local with, there is a AsValue(Raw) witch make an exception and crach after flashing.
Ths console said that it is a problem of pointer.
Is anyone has already solved the problem ??

i guess that question goes @tmp

I guess so too, Elliot is not to ask about your issue here.
@tmp maintains the dx11-Pointcloud, and the thing you seem to use involves ZeroMQ, which I feel responsible for, because I wrapped NetMQ into nodes.

Please paste your full exception on gist (or any other code paster) so we can have a look at it. Only then we can start investigate with facts.

Also, what pack downloads, and what vvvv version did you use? The top downloads, or anything from github?