Kinect Point Cloud as Particle Emitter

Hi there. I just try to get the kinect point cloud as Fuse particle emiiter.
What way would be the best. Taking the Depth Texture for z cooridnates or the Point Cloud, which comes with the vl.devices.kinect2 nuget. ? the Texture one is probably better for the performance!?
So far I don’t get a point cloud out of the depth texture. What am I doing wrong. Any suggestions?

Kinect Point Cloud with Fuse.vl (59.3 KB)

Here is the version with the kinect point cloud. not using the depth texture.

So this in my outcome for today. I am using the kinect point cloud for two particle system. one is sticking to the point cloud and the other one uses the point cloud as emitter and forces are applied.
Additionally I manipulate the color with an SDF Mesh. Now I need to read back of the GPU how many particles are colored by the SDF. Or at least just an percentage of it.
Any suggestions?

kinect avatar with 2 particle systems.vl (97.7 KB)