Kinect player edge detection

Hi guys.
I spent all day trying to solve a problem, so maybe someone have any ideas of how to help me.

I use Kinect node Player for detecting a person, and Edge.EX9 + Threshold.EX9 for detecting an edges of player. Then, i use a pipet for detecting coordinates of white outlines, but here comes the problem. All i want in a result is a finite numbers of coordinates, that i can use for some lines further.
The problems is that this number of coordinates is not constant because of noise, and when i use them for lines (which must be drawn from current position to position in previous frame) some of them lost and lines draws all over the screen like crazy.
SmoothSettings on Kinect node and some Blur didn’t help. Is there any ways to solve that problem, without writing my own blob detection algorithm (as in this nice article )?

I would be very grateful for any clue in which way i have to think.

You may want to have a look at Contour (FreeFrame DShow9)
for the outlines and try to get them stable from there on…
(just thinking, that should be at least more performant than edge detect and pipet)

Nah, unfortunately, the same noise.
Thanks anyway, this node can be handy one day :)

Yes the noise, but there are ways to handle it to some degree (i am not sure how though) but you should post your patch and maybe some smarter people will be able to help with some tricky spread magic. Think there were even similar topics already in the forum, but i can not find them atm.

start with using a Damper (Animation) on all the contour vertices

Hey, sebl, thanks for advice, but it doesn’t solve my problem.
I think that i put it wrong, so, here is the patch where i explain my problem correctly:

BrokenTrail.v4p (26.4 kB)