Kinect on win xp sp3

At first, I want to thank vux for the kinect node…

…but I got some trouble running the kinect on windows. I’m using XP Prof SP3. I’ve installed Alex P’s driver, like mentioned in the Kinect thread.
VVVV node status says “running” but I got no picture.

I’ve also tried other drivers like OpenNI and followed an installation guide but I still got now picture.

Any clue how to fix this and get the kinect working on xp sp3 (bootcamp)?

thx, greetings

not sure if vux’s plugin works with newer driver version, but it works nicely over here with version of alexp’s driver. @RicardoCastelhano|RicardoCastelhano)) posted a link to the version by @aze|aze on the ((contribution:kinect.

Thanks, I’ve just tried the newst version, works fine!

good, have fun with your kinect ;)

Can’t get Kinect to work on 45beta27.2, XP SP3.
Installed OpenNI 1.5.2 redist and Nite 1.5.2 redist.
Also tried with CL Nui Plataform 1.0 and 1.5.
Kinect(OpenNI) node is blank on Drivers’ pin output.
Before said something like “Unable to connect to Device!”
No nodes on Red and no exclamation marks on devmgmt.msc (camera, motor, audio updates look fine).
Brekel OpenNI Kinect Auto Installer.exe that fixed my installation on Windows 7 doesn’t work on my XP.
Kinect’s green LED blinks.

It’s working now.

  • Uninstalled Open NI, NITE and SensorKinect. Also all programs labeled Prime Sense, even the Code Laboratories PS3Eye camera drivers (probably this was not necessary =P).
  • CCleaner everything and fiexed registry problems.
  • Restart.
  • With the Kinect unplugged from the USB port, install in the following order: OpenNI (32bit, stable, redist edition), NITE (32bit, stable, redist edition).
  • Downloaded SensorKinect091-Bin-Win32-v5.1.0.25.msi (master branch).
  • Plug in the Kinect and Windows starts asking for motor, audio and camera drivers. Look for them on OpenKinect-libfreenect-v0.1.2-15-gefd073e\OpenKinect-libfreenect-efd073e\platform\windows\inf.

Note: Every time I change the Kinect to a new USB port Windows asks me for motor driver again.