Kinect not working! OpenNI vs. MS driver with vvvv?

I have openni-win64- installed that is working on the 64bit Windows 7, I see all the correct stuff in device manager, and tested it with Processing 2 and samples. But I cannot get any Kinect patches to work on current vvvv45beta29, x64 or x86 versions.

I know I have the 64bit OpenNI and that is probably what’s wrong, or maybe MS Kinect driver is better? but my question is, what’s the best stable way to get the Kinect working on vvvv? (which driver version and which vvvv version etc.)

It would be nice for the workshop trying to get the Kinect working again on my machine beforehand.

Does anyone else has this problem? appreciate any tips…

나도 알고 싶어요.

Hi Metrowave,

I’m using beta 29 (x86) with Microsoft Kinect SDK and as far as I know everything is working well here. I choosed Microsoft SDK because it was the first to work straight on my machine.

Ok so just checked again. It’s working fine with beta 28.1, and some problem with 29 but Vux did a quick fix somewhere in the forum.
If beta 28.1 and Kinect Sdk is working for you, then go for it.

Thanks lecloneur, since then I’ve re-installed the x86 version and got things working again. I figured to be able to use various drivers like Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI x86, OpenNI x64 etc. I just manually change/update driver in device manager… it’s been working this way!

Ok, well if it’s working now, just leave it like that, won’t make a huge difference anyway.

for needed drivers for microsoft and openni kinect nodes see: kinect