KINECT not manufacturing anymore - ADAPTER out of stock - are there same cheap alternatives now or in future?

Microsoft stops manufacturing its Kinect sensors - Alternatives?

I like this Sensor - it’s amazing in combination with VVVV for teaching, performance, interaction and media installation
We have so many nice solutions, concepts and nodes for these sensor and now it should be gone!?!

I just tried to buy Kinect2-Adapters for Windows - it was really hard - I’m based in Berlin.

Does someone know more about the plans of Microsoft or are there good Alternatives?
I just started to dive deeper in the amazing Particle-Pack and saw the possibilites with Kinect and Tracking

Who knows a good Kinect dealer?
Is there a Alternative?

greets CeeYaa

I really thought this was spam at first. The addicted! part made it.
Anyway… MS giving up on K? Ouch…

nice - did anyone tried these?

@h99 yes you are right - I changed the title
but I’m really addicted to this Sensor because together with VVVV it’s so easy to install, to teach and to experiment with body and interaction - and you got it everywhere - so Kinect was always my first choice for students and starting with vvvv
and look in the VVVV forum - VVVV and Kinect is an often used topic - VVVV is loosing a draft horse

Just in case anyone not aware of the hacky cheap way involving a tiny little bit soldering:

iphone x with osc ndi whatnot :D at least someone did a facial motion capture with it and streamed that result into his favourite 3D package (apparently houdini)
also using MS mixed reality headsets as standalone depth cameras can be interesting too

anybody tried some adapter asian knockoffs yet?
Also the orbec astra mini looks really interesting -

official openi2 is kinda dead, but there is some activity around it, would it be viable to use with lets say orbec? Last time I used openi was during the hacky phase of first kinect, so i dont know what work was done with it, I guess it has solid api now?

I bet it is not hard to get the texture out of any sensor, but I would also love to see the skeleton tracking, althou we can kiss goodbye the tracking of 6 people without kinect2

I do understand that lot of integration of new devices often falls if any company wants to do project with specific device and vvvv, has budget for it and is motivated to share, but some kind of code quest might be possible here, I would be also open to sending some emails to companies that develop the sensors and point them to vvvv, just to have a look or maybe even think about it a bit while developing their stuff.

Hi i got a few of those and they worked well for me with kinectv2

You can do away with the adapter box entirely by opening the K2 up and wiring in a 12V barrel connector pigtail, and then using a normal USB3 cable. I have some running right now that way with 10M and 16M FireNEX USB3 cables. And at least around here (US NY), the GameStop stores are swimming in used K2s for about $40.

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