Kinect movebackground skeleton RGB

Hi All
Tried player node seem not achieve such effect, thanks for all the help

the fact is that the depth and the rgb are not from the same camera. And the player is cut out of the depth map. So you have to align them before using the player to mask the rgb.

here is a thread with some help, take a look:

Thank you very much for your help, very good solution!At the same time also let me understand the principle of them.
But I am using kinectV1, feeling “RGB and Aligning the Depth Kinect2” this case internal code do not apply.
I didn’t experience too much code, or a bit tricky, ha!

hi, yea for Kinect1 and Kinect2 alignment is different u can try follow this:

p.s. looks like it has to be compiled against 1.8 SDK…
I end up having ‘KinectBaseTextureNode’ and ‘DepthImagePixel’ missing in reference.

however seems there are no pullrequests soo node should be in build already

Thanks guy, I try.
I use a very simple way to achieve the same effect!!