Kinect Motor Control

Anyone fancy making a plugin to control the motor on the kinect, without having to uninstall drivers reinstall, use vux’s plugin, then reinstall them, or is there something I’m missing?

yep but
can’t find a good usage for the kinect motor nor the accelerometer (apart from this quadrocopter holding a kinect :
please shed some light on this :)

I just moved it as it was up high when I first set it up, now I want low… Nothing exciting!

Same problem time ago, I solved in this way:

-Unistall just the drivers (not the OpenNi and NITE stuff) from the device manager.

-Install the drivers from Code Libraries and use the button to set up the angle.

-Reinstall avin kinect driver for OpenNI.

So you have to do all that kind of stuff you know…

PS. The motor is really fragile… place the kinect on hard surface while operating.


hehe leg of the motor is fragile, had really nice time repairing it ;]

To control the motor angle i use NImate, so i don’t have to unistall and reinstall drivers.

I found a way too, several month ago, sorry fot not updating the thread.
I use brekel kinect disabling all the interface I have just the motor tilt window always visible during the show.
(Can work togheter with vvvv kinect plugin, without performace loss)