Kinect microsoft performance

hello, i was experienced some issues with the microsoft kinect driver in vvvv, im using a kinect xbox sensor, may be this? i was thinking about the nvidia drivers could have something to do, i have a nvidia quadro fx 3300/4400.
anyone knows a solution?
with the open ni drivers the general performance was much more better, my system is windows 7 64 bit,
any advice on what i should do to get a decent framerate from the microsoft drivers?
thanks in advance


normally not having much perf issues with it.

What beta do you use? and which driver version?

Also which nodes are you using (depth/rgb/skeleton) ?

thanks for the answer vux, the beta is 27.2 the driver i tried with 1.0 and 1.5 version of the kinect sdk driver.
i guess maybe its the graphic card its an old quadro fx, dont know

Try setting the ‘depth mode’ to disabled.
It drastically improved the performance for me.