Kinect (Microsoft from vux) gesture recognitian


i am using the kinect node from vux. i have done a view things with the skeleton… everything works fine.

Now I need a ‘simple’ gesture detection. I tried the Gesture node for this. Is there a help file or any info about this node? which gestures are supported?


is it the 1.7 version you are using? cant see a gesture module in 29.2 beta, except for openni

can we already download the 1.7 version?

oh sorry, i am using the 29.3 directx11 alpha from node13. i should post in the alpha forum.

hmm don’t have that one here, prolly module from some other place

any news on this one? I can only see the “hello” wave gesture recognized as default, can t get any other one…

any chance to have grasp (grab) feature? I found c# example and compiled well (and is quite interesting and stable), but not enough coding experience to write from scratch…
gesture name is grip (grab)

Hi all!
Sorry for asking again,but is there a way of using the gesture recognition from the Microsoft SDK 1.7 and the nodes from vux directly in vvvv right now?


have you tried? there is at least a node called Gesture (Kinect Microsoft) and scrolling down you see a list of gestures supposed to be supported.

Thanks for your answer, joreg.

Of course I tried, using vvvv b30.2 x86 with addonpack and the DX11 nodes from vux. But no luck.

The link to the node description isn’t working.

Thanks for your support and sorry if I just missed something. But I really don’t know what by now…

EDIT: I think I need to check, if SDK 1.7 is installed on the machines i’m working with right now…

EDIT: Ok, installing SDK 1.7 solved it. Sorry again, but this wasn’t very obvious to me. Usually the nodes just become red. However, looks like fun for tomorrow :)

i think the official grib / grasp gesture (open / closed hand detection) is not included on github yet? though i think vux have implemented it - according to some screenshot.

maybe vux can say something about it? :)

also a general question, since the implementation is for dx11 is if someone is working on dx9 compatibility?

I think it would be nice to have the 1.7 for dx9 as well. I could code the 1.7 grib stuff for dx9, but would rather not do double work if it is done already.

@ethermammoth best get in touch with vux directly. he implemented all ms-kinect stuff for dx9 as well (see addonpack), only it seems broken with b30.2

@ethermammoth on github I can see Vux is using Fizbin.Kinect.Gestures with the following gestures:

At the moment, I’m experimenting with SigmaNil libraries, they are quite cool and contain HAND SHAPE TRAINING TOOL to record hand patterns. Seems that finger detection (segmentation) is a valid technique.
This too is cool and this [](]( and this [

Any suggestion how to browse/select with single hand cursor?
Found solutions like to stop on a button for a certain time, but I find it too slow; tried to put a press detection on left hand, but it’s not comfortable.
Only way out is grip. Or finger detection, so I can keep my hand steady on selected item and pop out a finger to confirm :) hey, show your finger! ;)

Perhaps this one is the simplest solution on OpenNI