Kinect IR frequency?

Does anybody know the frequency of light the Kinect is using? It seems to me that it s far lower than usual IR leds you can buy commercially.

It looks to be 780nm or 850nm laser. These seem to be the most common IR diode wavelengths.

I think you can see both of those with the naked eye. I don’t think you can see 980, the other common wavelength.

Just my guess.


Agree with John, and confirm the 980 is pratically invisible with naked eye

I am asking because the Kinect doesn t seem to be affected by the sunlight and normal filament lamps. Not even my IR led cluster seems to affect it.
I d like to increase the amount of IR light to be able to capture movements from a greater distance.

the problem is that the ir light is not simply a light. is more like a ir laser, that projects a pattern in ir. so the primesense sensor can take the ir pattern, and do some kind of triangulation to determine the distance of the pixel considered. in other words, it can work only with his own ir projector.
some info here:

and here a video where you see the ir pattern projected by kinect/primesensor:

i use 850nm ir lasers for all my multitouch work so I have several cameras tuned to a very thin slice at 850nm. my pointgrey firefly did indeed see the kinect point cloud very clearly, it looks like it is 850nm (unless there are more points than i can see at other wavelengths).

here is a photo

alpay kasal

I think even if you did increase the power of the laser in the kinect somehow, you would then run into problems with the camera not being able to resolve the smaller dots you would get from further away. For all anyone knows the kinect can already see the dots in the distance, but is already limited by the resolution of the camera, or by the processing chip on-board.

More power to ya if you do find a way to increase the range, would be awesome to have an uber kinect to do some city sized depth maps :P


yeah, primesense: give us überkinect!!!