Kinect help

Hi, at school we were asked to create something innovative out of kinect, most of my friends are working on some simple video games using the official SDK, I want to do something similar to this, ideally it will be running real time since this will be used for an installation during an exhibition. How hard is it to make and what do I need?

I’m quite an ignorant on most of this stuff, I’d like to learn more.

Also what kinect driver should I install to work with vvvv?


I’m finding a difficulty installing OpenNI and there seems to be no support for the official SDK, any help on that? Do I have to uninstall the SDK for openni to work?

you sure have to uninstall SDK to make openNI work, and be careful not to have openNI two times

Which version of VVVV you are using? try V27.1 with inbuild openni and MS nodes. back in my school in india we used to play pac man so seriously in lab… now i see what you do in school. Cheers!

The official sdk should be all you need. It is implemented in the /addonpack of vvvv27. Installing openNi on my machine was quite a hassle, which is why i would recommend the ‘standard’ microsoft sdk.

Using it is as simple as creating a _ Kinect(Microsoft).
depth(Microsoft)_ will get you a greyscale depthmap of your enviroment that you can use to place your particles in 3d space.