Kinect flickering

regarding the flickering problem…

  • it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the plugin. the alexp software shows the flickering as well.

  • it seems like some USB ports (or controller) have trouble with the kinect. especially Macs. my macbook pro shows this error as well as someone on the NUIgroup forum said he is troubled by a mac-mini

  • getting rid of any other webcam driver in the system doesn’t fix it

  • using the original windrvr6.sys instead of the one coming with the driver doesn’t fix it

  • tried different USB ports on my Mac doesnt fix this

i tried a desktop PC and it just works. maybe the mac hardware is blame…

i changed the kinect to a different (pc) laptop usb port - 1 worked, the other 3 had flickering
so all good

i seen heavy flickering on a netbook , expecially when i was putting my hand in front of kinect, almost unexistent on a powerfull laptop, maybe it’s something due to performance issues?

something else, the performance in vvvv looks slightly different to the app made by alexp. the framerate seems to be less in vvvv than in the test app. its not constant, sometimes its smooth and than seems to be lower for a minute …and so on

any idea ? something to do with the threading ?

tested on a core i7 with windowsXP32

@u7angel : yes you can have a bit of slow down for those 2 reasons:
-In the test app he’s just writing a bitmap, in the plugin need to do texture conversion.
-Also the depth image in the sample is rgb, which is fairly unusable, used the raw data and applied the conversion in order to have proper grayscale, so there’s one more filter involved. improving the conversion performances is on my todo list.

hi vux,

thanx for your great support btw.
some random note, i did some measurements, the framerate goes down to 12 fps and up to nearly 30 fps on my fast machine. the drop only happens if much of the depth images change like moving the camera or moving big objects in front of it…


ok will test as well, might still be driver related.

Will do some testing this eve.

Hi vux

I tried the new VVVV Kinect patch on multiple computers, doing all the necessary operations.
While NuiGroup driver always works, we could not run the VVVV patch (error return and flickering).
We have read all the threads on the topic, without finding any useful solution.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

PS: the configuration is win 7 64/32 - I7 - ATI HD 4850 or Nvidia GTX 480 (and also on WinXP)

@guest: can i get a screeshot of what you get when running the help file?

also what driver do you have? if it’s the latest one with multi kinect support it wont work as the plugin is build under the previous version for the moment.


@ vux, firstly thanks for an amazing job…hey how is it possible to get the older version of the CL driver( single connect).
I am not able to find it in the archives of code laboratory. Will we be lucky to see an update soon with the readiness of the node for the new multi kinect driver.

thanks a lot again buddy for all the HARD WORK…cheers

Hi guys,
Thank you for all Mr vux!!!

Someone have a first release of kinect nui driver?
I can’t find…
Please…i need it!!!
Thanks a lot

Hi everyone,

The old CL driver (single device) can be found at

Thank RicardoCastelhano for this.