KINECT extension over 50m

Hi VVVVers,

I’m looking for a kinect extension over 50m.


I found someone using this usb2 on cat5: with success…

In Italy they don’t have exactly that devices and one similar (2 usb port) costs 540€.

Has anyone had other experiences?
Does cheap usb2 extender work?

Does cheap usb2 extender work? nop
But if you add some hub with power supply on the end, might work.
But as i know all extenders are 5m and you can connect only 4 in row
so you can get up to 20m maximum…

Hi antokhio, i express myself poorly… The question was:

Does cheap usb2 on cat5 extender work?

i got usb2 lindy active extender 20m and works very well…
But I need to go further… At least 50m.


hi there,

i’m bringing this topic up again because i’m interested in using a kinect over a longer distance.

  • does anybody have experience with using a UBS to CAT extender (or similar) with a kinect?
  • how long did you get with just an USB extension? i myself could get an DeLock USB extenion cable (10m) to work with the kinect for windows.


Hi, i’ve tried with success, and used, this one:

and the kinect was more than 100meters away from the computer ;)

great to hear, thanks for the tip!

hay, i have some news about this topic.
tried today an extender from blackbox:
over a 50m cat5 net cable.
kinect is working, but i’m suffering some “stuttering”, something very ritmical, like 1 time every second (like when you see a 30fps video played back in a 25fps timeline).
don’t know if it’s the extender or the patch (very complex and with kinect 2 over a usb3 to optical fiber extender and a optical fiber of 50m).
i’ll let you updated when i find a solution (cat6 cable instead of cat5?).

about the stuttering, looking at the perfmeter i can see the drop every second, that slows down the framerate (pink color peaks)

by the way usb3 thru optical fiber is amazing

but quite expensive :)

But screamer is rich :)

Can one of you guys recommend a usb 3 extender that works with Kinect 2 ?
I need to extend 50m.

someone has tested kinect2 over usb3-to-optical ?

we use to use these and they worked over really long distances when using decent network cable.

I think we still have a few kicking around that we never use anymore. Could buy from me if you wanted.


The only cables that worked well for me with kinect v2 ,
are those. I tried the fiber with 45 meters and it worked nicely