Kinect coordinates

I am a newbie to vvvv, therefore I think this will sound stupid, however, I chose vvvv as I thought it would be a great tool for my installation, and it is! I am trying to create an installation where I need kinect to map a few people in a room and their position there (room is 2,8 x 4 m). I tried a lot, however I am not able to get x,y coordinates. Also, can I somehow link a certain picture to a certain coordinate? Lets say if someone appears in a room, the picture would pop up as he goes through the room. Any help appreciated! Its part of my high school graduation and I have only 2 days tops.

Did you try Kinect Node? Check the help file…Skeleton Node also will give you XY coordinates…I think up to 2 skeletons for old kinect and 6 skeletons for the new one…but not sure…Anyway check Kinect - Skeleton Node and if you still have problems share them here.

Okay, after all the skeleton node worked, i had some problems detecting within certain environment, however then it was fine. Thanks anyway.

However, I am still trying to find some node which would enable me to link a picture to certain coordinate, where after reaching certain pos in the room, the picture would simply show up.

Hmm…Basic the logic here from my side would be:

if XY coordinates are >= with (Where you want them to be) then the output of the “>=” node would be 1…so if you have a Quad node and a FileTexture node the value 1 will enable them…then you can play a little bit more and make a spread, or fade in the picture using an animation node like (damper, oscillator etc)…

So a rough explanation is to check out:

Animation nodes

And one thing that helps me a lot is when I have a task to do in VVVV I try to workout the logic first (For example: I want a box to rotate) So I go, OK I need a box, I need a node to rotate it and an animation node to keep changing the value so it will rotate without my help) and then you go into VVVV and try to find the nodes that you will use to do it.

Good Luck!! :)

Look on hittest help patches

Could this help you? If you are interested whether certain area of space is occupied or not, this will do the job. Check the sample projects to get idea how it works.