Kinect Beginner!

Hi guys!

I followed this instruction kinect
(Microsoft SDK driver for 64bit)and now everything works

whet’s the next step? I’d like to have a matrix of numbers (ie 640x480), I need to convert the texture from the Depth node, using Pipet?

Or there is some better way to convert the KinectRuntime in numbers?

Hello Luper,

Pipet would be the simplest way to go, I’m not sure of other alternative though. To have better control over the threshold use some color correction for the depth map like cranking up brightness & saturation. Maybe some blur helps to have better result at the edges for smoother distribution.

thanks!.. no text …

small update that fixes lags if you use Camera (Transform Softimage) and kinect ms node.

note: if you are focused on render window sometimes you cannot move mouse out of it, use alt-tab and focus some other then 4v window.

lag comes from WindowLists node

Camera (Transform Softimage V2).zip (11.6 kB)