Kinect 2

Has anyone got the Kinect 2 working with vvvv and the new March SDK update?

I’m presuming this is my problem but can’t find where to get older versions of the SDK to test. Could also really do with using Kinect Studio which is included in the March update

The error message I get when trying to use the Kinect nodes is mentioned here kinect2-nodes and involves not being able to find the KinectStatus function. Still digging more into this one.

I didn’t try march update with vvvv, but I have the old kinect SDK. If you need it, I could the send it to you

if you could upload it to dropbox or similar that’d be great!

you have an email


Kinect 2 purchase Question:

Are there any adapters available to use the Xbox One Version with a windows USB3 Laptop?

Would like to test the Kinect2 but the Windows Version is still not available and my neighbour has an Xbox One lying around…

Sorry but could not find anything about this on the mighty internet.