Kinect 2 RGB skeleton aligment methods

How do you guys align skeleton on rgb image?

Usually i alignet skeleton with applytransform node to view, that worked, but is there a way to do it “properly” and use data that kinect gives and generate aligment that is correct in every situation? (in case i want to overlay some objects on RGB image)

Ive noticed there are fov numbers that can go to perspective node, combined with ortho i got some results but its just base

did you check the helppatch of Skeleton (Kinect Microsoft)? it basically does that.

github version of Kinect2 nodes have that for you (skeleton node outputs coordinates both in 3d and 2d rgb space)

aaah yes omg silly me, i am using kinect 2 but its kinda strange with that method so i was not sure, but it is definently tweakable, thanks

so i guess i have to compile it vux :3