Kinect 2 + Particles : HELP

I am on a deadline for a school project and I really need help.

Long story short: I’ve been struggling for 3 months to create a particle animation using Kinect movement + depth. I am totally new to this. Never coded anything in my life. Bought the Kinect just for this purpose.

I started off with Processing. read books about it, watched every possible video tutorial… Couldn’t get it to work. I managed to get my depth image, IR, etc… But no idea how to create a particle system and have it be generated via movement from the Kinect

After months, I discovered vvvv. All the videos I’ve seen of projects using the Kinect are EXACTLY what I’m trying to do. I installed Windows on my Mac just to use vvvv

Now, here I am : I downloaded this “Spectral Kinect” patch from this site. Luckily there was a Kinct V2 version in it, because other patches I found are for Kinect v1. Anyways, I launch it but my Renderer is black… Just pure black. No image, no particles, nothing

I also tried creating a simple Patch by following a YouTube tutorial. The patch takes the Kinect as input, feeds it through a Player and FullScreenQuad and ultimately to a Renderer: Does not work, black screen.

I need this fixed ASAP.


spectral kinect is rather old.
you might want to have a look at dx11.particles:

there is an example patch in girlpower for working with the kinect.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply

I did discover DX11 Particles after posting my question, tried to make it work, but I only see a red silhouette of myself.

I have zero knowledge on how to make the patch work the way I want it to. In the demo video for DX11 Particles, they show practically everything I want to achieve. However the Kinect patch in /girlpower doesn’t work for me. There is one that works and it emits a particle system from the image it gets from the kinect, but the particles don’t follow my movements and I don’t know which parts of the patch to tweak to change certain values

did you check whether you are using the right kinect node (there is a v1 and v2 node)? (just double-click the node and select v2 in the node browser )

Hi motzi,

I did, and I’m using the correct Kinect2 node. I don’t have any red nodes indicating there is an error.

This is a screenshot of what I see by using an example patch from /girlpower from DX11 Particles. As you can see, a particle system emits from the image seen by the Kinect, which is a beginning, but my movements aren’t driving the particle system.

I don’t know which values / nodes to change to make this do what I want it to.

However, I did just find a patch that works perfectly and kinda does what I want it to do. Only thing is, I want to edit it but the node setup is way beyond my comprehension. I posted a question in the thread where I found the patch, maybe you can help ? The last post in the link below is my question:

Thank you so much for all the tips, I truly appreciate any help

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