Kinect 2 - mainloop framerate

with the kinect 2 node enabled, the v4 mainloop fps varies dramatically, between 60 fps (where it was sitting happily before) down to < 30fps. This change cycles very quickly and is consistent.

Anyone else have this?

is it in dark room?

nope, even in a well lit room

To hotfix, move it to the other instance of VVVV and share the values/textures…

Works, but sometimes is slow / stutters. Any tips?

I haven’t played with texture sharing much

mrboni: what is the mainloop framerate of the kinect sharing instance. should be not higher than the kinect framerate. kinect one eats a lot of usb 3.0 bandwidth, framedrops could be related to your usb 3.0 host controller.
texture sharing works great for me. had installation with it running for more than six months now.

What CPU is running this? I use K2s a lot on high-end i7s, and have no problem with the mainloop running at 60fps. I get solid 30fps even on i3s.

What nodes are you using? What you are doing with the textures? Sample patch? id144 could be right, might be a system USB3 problem.

For most things I do run a separate instance to handle the K2, but that instance does stuff like converting the texture to a pointcloud and/or doing user tracking, and then share the data to the display process via a memory share. Keeps the displays running nice and fast.

How does one share values/textures between different instances of vvvv? Framerate with kinect is a problem for me too, I’d like to try that.

@htone check out SharedTexture (EX9.Texture), AsSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2D), FromSharedTexture(DX11.Texture 2D), and the various SharedMemory nodes. (You’ll obviously need the DX11 pack for the DX11 versions.)

Tip: double-left-click in a patch and just type in “share” and these and more will pop up.

And note that you will need to start all of your instances of vvvv with the “/allowmultiple” command line switch, and likely the “/o %cd%\yourpatch.v4p” switch to specify the patch to run (no quotes).

cool thanks for the info mediadog