Kinect 1 depth align to projector

Hello !

I was playing with my kinect and trying to get the depth image aligned to my projector, I tried to use [Ways of Seeing with Computers](Ways of Seeing with Computers) but couldn’t launch rulr with a kinect. Is there a easy to manage this ? Should I calibrate “by hand” using a transformation ?

Thanks in advance for any input !

no, i don’t think there is an easy way, u also cannot tweak that by hand precise


If there isn’t a easy way, would you have a recommandation for a harder way ?

you can use the calibration node that is included in my dx11.pointcloud pack (see dx11.pointcloud ). there is also a help patch included.

after calibrating the kinect to your virtual scene it is quite simple to align it to the output of your projector.

Thanks, dx11 pointcloud looks nice, going to try that !