Kind of spherical Distortion

i have to convert/distort a 2d Texture to something like that screenshot.

i hope you get the idea.

any formula, links, hlsl-codes, ideas etc. welcome!!

many thanx in advance!

where did you take that screenshot from? i mean, what exactly is happening, or what do you want to achieve?
a certain kind of projection distortion or just a look-alike spherical distortion?

spherical projection

Does this have anything to do with spherical mapping?

Have you tried just making a sphere and plugging your texture into it? Does this not achieve what you are trying to do?

Ah ok,of course i have to be much more precise:

currently i play around with a , d= 4 meters :)

the projector is mounted horizontal and the main spectators POV is on the opposite side.
so i tried some reverse engineering using Projector (EX9):
the result comes quite close to that what i need but it doesn’t fit exactly.
reason for that may be that the Barco Projector is used with its own lens and in ~ 40cm distance within the puffersphere is another really evil extreme wideangle lens…

pls see attached patch

see lower right corner: that’s the display of my laptop; 4m are really large…

Projector (EX9) help.v4p (16.7 kB)