Kill switch?

I was toying around with a box connected to a dx9 renderder and i started connecting the output of the box to all of the renderer pins and the thing went fullscreen and alt+enter, alt+f4, alt+tab, ctrlshiftesc, nothing would show up or kill it. Is there some way to get out of it when it does this?

oh, and it does it everytime i open my patch so it locked me out.

You need to press alt + enter to exit fullscreen. After you have exited fullscreen you should reset the fullscreen pin of the renderer to avoid your patch going fullscreen.


yeah, i already said i tried that and it doesnt do anything. I guess i gotta be careful with the fullscreen pin, must of had some constant going into it.

Hello Poof,

I am sorry that your above answer just sounds rude to me. The kind attentions of the experts here what makes this forum special and gave some hope for guys like me to give a try learning VVVV.

I highly appreciate if you acknowledge the effort and time they take to answer your queries. Its healthy. Please don’t get me wrong, just saying :)

You should not need to in general, but if you ever make a catastropic change to a patch you can always text edit the patch in xml format. A patch is automaticly backed up with an xml file next to it, but the v4p file is really the same, just with different extension. ‘Xml marker’ is a handly little program for this.

@@poof : alt+enter works if the renderer is the foreground window in Windows, I guess you were not there while hitting alt+enter (it happened to me…), so hit alt+tab to bring the DX Renederer in fron then hit alt+enter.

I use 3 boygroup clients and 1 server. And i can’t get fullscreen renderer on my clients. I used boygroup(clients) to indificate ID server and clients. On my server pin fullscreen in renderer is 0. On clients pin renderer have 1, but fullscreen doesn’t work. What i do wrong?
Realy sorry for my english. Is anybody knows, is there russian forum of VVVV?