Keymaker-module bug with beta16


the keymaker is a great module! thanx joreg!!!

but today i realized a strange behaviour with the newest beta. with beta 15 everything works fine. but when i use it with beta16 the windows-swapfile grows bigger and bigger while i change values in the keymaker-demopatch (tested on 2 pcs)
i will keep using it with the old version. anyway, thanx again

thanks for noting. the problem is due to the changed XPath node. i fixed the patch: keymaker for >=beta16

Sorry for crossposting (crossedStuff , i have same problems with beta16

hello joreg,
keymaker is a super idea, but it is not working with my beta22.
(used keymaker for>=beta16 and the older version)
i open keyframedemo.v4p, load some keyframes, overwrite(save) some and close all patches without saving.
open keyframedemo.v4p again, load some keyframes and watch my changings. everything fine. again change some values and overwrite(save). close all patches again without saving.
reopen keyframedemo.v4p, wanna load some keyframes, everything is lost. nothing was saved. seems that the xml file looses the data somewhere…
tried it around 20 times with patch save/close and without. no difference.
somebody used keymaker currently? any idea?
cheers, armin

ouright, i am not sure how that would have ever worked. hope the attached fixes this problem. (8.0 kB)

that’s working. thanks a lot! g a

problems if i save more than 10 presets:
it is possible save a large spread (>10) and recall all values.
but if i then overwrite one individul slice, close and reopen the patch keymaker repeats the values from the saved presets 0 to 9 and copies them to the rest of the saved slices (presets):
how can i modifie the keymaker module to save and reload more then 10 presets?

you found another little bugger. one of the regular expressions was wrong. parsing only keyframes 0-9. attached should do. (8.1 kB)

that’s it. you are the man! thx

there’s another one: i used a Switch (Node) Input? to disconnect SetPatch (VVVV) and GetPatch (VVVV) from PatchAlias (VVVV) whenever it seems possible to get best performance (as described here:
i connect it only when load or save keyframes. here’s the bug: every time i disconnect PatchAlias and reconnect it to save a new keyframe it overwrites all saved keyframes.
i will experiment a bit with the keymaker patch but i am not sure where exactly the problem is.
if you have a quick solution i would very much appreciate it :-)
thank’s a

changed something in both patches. see attachment. it works. but elegant? hmmm
another question: would like to load all keyframes/presets at the same time in one spread once i start the patch, and then disconnect patchalias. is it possible to get them like that? patched something with setslice but this takes time cause keyframes are loaded one after each other…
cheers a (16.2 kB)

attached a preload example. is it possible to feed the .IOBox with values from the preloaded list?

keymaker-preloads.rar (14.6 kB)

hey armin,

what you’re doing is getting too abstract for me to follow. what are you actually trying to achieve?

are you really having performance troubles? how/where exactly are you noticing that? i can’t see how setpatch/getpatch would cause any troubles here. ok, Keymaker is reading/writing the file on every read/write, you could try to get rid of that…but i can’t dig into that anymore at the moment. bug someone (else) to write a plugin that replaces keymaker. could be fairly straightfwd.