Keyframe camera position in Kairos timeline

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I have the OrbitCamera in a Stride Scene. Now I want to choose some nice camera positions and store them in Kairos timeline, so that I can fade between them. Like in a 3D app: Moving the camera, keyframe the position.

This sounds incredibly simple. But I’m even failing when trying to copy the camera’s InverseMatrix ¯_(ツ)_/¯… (not sure if that’s the right approach though…)

What would be the workflow?

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The easier route is to decompose the matrix and use the position and rotation separately.
The trickier path might be to get the 16 matrix values as a spread, fade between the spreads merge the result back into a matrix.
For the road least traveled would be to register a matrix type, make and register a lerp operation for it and work directly with that type on the timeline. Given how matrices transform in mysterious ways if you directly lerp between the 16 matrix values, I’d go for the former.

Yes, instead of a matrix, use a Vector3 for position and a Quaternion for the rotation. Or Vector3 for position and Vector3 for LookAt target.

the final view matrix can then be created from them before setting it on the Camera node.

Thanks for your fast reply, storing Position and Rotation makes definitly more sense, yes.
Now I have to figure out how to copy-paste the values into Kairos or record single frames them there…

Hi sadly you need quite extra work, here, the waypoint camera i did for some project…

The idea you have CameraManger you position your camera and dump that to json, then you can parse json and smooth switch between stored position… there are few issues, like it would hitch if position changes before previous position was hit… Was planning to release it in more user friendly way, but never had time to do so…

Thouse are the nodes:

Thouse basic setup:

Some options might be hidden:
VL.ANT.Camera.vl (259.9 KB)

Thanks very much, antokhio! I’ll definitly check this out. But I also found new beauty in a static camera and a clear cut aka switch-node. ;)

Meanwhile, Takuma Nakata also released this tutorial as if he read my wishes (if somebody else stumbles upon this thread):

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