Keyboard (Window) doesn't like Tab

First bug
So I noticed that Keyboard (Window) has quite some bugs when it comes to the Tab key.
DX9 Renderers somehow seem to catch it, but it’ s never released (as in: permanently pressed) until you return focus to a vvvv patch window.
Focusing a DX11 doesn’t output a Tab at all.

Second bug
When putting together the Test Patch I also noticed that the DX11 Renderer’s window handle isn’t the same that’s being output by ActiveWindow and WindowLists as you can also see in the patch.

Third bug
Somehow related: as you can see in the screenshot, there were quite some cases where the Keyboard node outputs Tab, which then isn’t caught by the KeyMatch.

Fourth bug
This is something I noticed when writing this post.
After a while I returned focus to vvvv and it crashed - every single time (three times now, so kind of reproducible. You seem to have to wait a little though, doesn’t happen when you do this right after starting up the patch).

KeyboardBug.v4p (15.8 KB)
HowTo: pink indicates focus on window. If a Tab key is received in a window it will turn green (which you will never see in the dx11 one)

Ok I was able to fix 1 and 3, the fourth I can’t reproduce on my computer. I’m writing this reply with your test patch open in background and whenever I switch back no crash at all. Fix to 1 and 3 is already applied though and running on 64 bit debug. What exact version of vvvv did you use?
Regarding bug number two - is this really an issue for you? If yes, elaborate, what was your use case?

You’ll need to wait for this build to finish in order to test my changes.

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Hey @Elias,
thanks for looking into it and fixing 1 and 3.

The 4th bug not being reproducible on your machine is ok I guess … that may be some werid coincidence only, never occured to me outside this test patch either.

2nd bug wasn’t a use case really, I just noticed as I wanted to patch the testpatch using the handles first but had to fall back to window titles then. Just figured it might be related to Bug #1 as Keyboard (Window) was abserving the wrong window handle or something …

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