Keyboard to Switch (String Output)

I think I’ve found a bug, I want to route keyboard keys to different patches, I have another way of doing this, but I just thought this would be cleaner then my original method. But as soon as the keyboard output is attached to the switch input it grinds my computer to a near standstill! In fact, just about anything attached to the Switch (String Output) seems to grind my computer to a halt… Is there something I’m doing wrong?

i guess we were doing something wrong when we created Switch (String Output). as every connection always defines a value and there is no concept of “events” or “bangs” like in max/pd, the open output of the String (output) is not defined. (think of the buzzing sound a loose audio cable will make when connected to an amplifier)

while its not on purpose that it makes your computer freeze, i guess we didnt use it for years. but thanks for reminding us.

so go for String (Input) instead. its the only one you´ll need.

Does the Help patch for the Switch Sting (Output) work for you? As it doesn’t seem to work on mine. Perhaps the Switch Sting (Output) should be removed?? Although it will work if you just want to put a set string to different outputs…

sting output error.jpg (64.7 kB)