Keyboard shortcut to also copy/paste definitions of selected nodes

I know this one might be tricky, as definitions might also be distributed over a couple of Documents and in various namespaces … or an “unknown” node is used inside another etc.
But one thing that was really annoying when teaching is, when students would want to copy something out of a patch that I prepared for example, or when they need something out of a helppatch sometimes.
In the latter case I noticed that most students actually started to change the helppatch then, I could see the blue helpflag in the top left in a lot of their patches.

If they aren’t able to copy paste things, I would have to explain a lot about dependencies and also definition patch in the future, which I tried to avoid so far … didn’t feel right for the scope of the class.

Maybe you can think of something clever at some point? Might increase usability for newcomers

yes, this is required quite often, I’m a big advocate of this feature. let’s see where we can fit that into the road map.


Maybe, if a node is from some referenced nuget, show a prompt that will inform the user about it and ask if the same dependency should be added/downloaded even.

There’s all sorts of different scenarios one can encounter when copy and pasting, maybe we can come up with a solution that covers most.

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