Keyboard Node

I’ve had issue for a while and have finally put 2 and 2 together.
If you use a keyboard(sytem global) sometimes when you click away from vvvv to go to another app, the node will get stuck, it seems to happen with 3 quite a lot for some reason, and I thought it was a broken keyboard, but it just happened on another machine.
The node continues to output 3 (or whatever)until you press the key again, which can cause issues with using keys to control things!

I’ve seen that one too…with ALT stucks to the output…

i remember the same node sometimes stubbornly jumping to a kind of default position (i assume this: sth like 200;200) and ther is no way to get it somewher else.
pretty sure that i posted this bug about 2years ago.

OT: indd my kyboard has rally somtims problms with th 5th lttr of th alphabt…

I have the node jump too!

i believe the node-jumping is caused by the keyboard (system global) node being used more than once inside a patch. i think the node takes the position that it occupies in the subpatch that is loaded last; i also remember it loosing its connections.

this frequently happens to my mouse (system global), as it is used in the camera (transform softimage) patch … guess they are singular nodes.

I’m sure i’ve seen some keyboard node jumping with only one instance of it///
edit:OOOH you must be right, there probably was the camera module…

kay. diki has solved the puzzle. keyboard (system global) is indeed a “singleton”. some nodes like it can only exist once per patch and only save one positional information per vvvv instance. while this is not the ultimate feature it at least explains how the node jumps around as random was involved but actually always only to the last position it was moved to in any patch it is instatiated in.

lets from now on no longer discriminate against singletons. i hope the knowledge about their special nature helps approaching them.

The Great Refresh Module I love from dujoducom. userpage, also has a Keyboard node.

Just make a Timingg (Debug) and add a few Refresh Nodes.

I used it in all my patches, but when I combined these patches, perfomance realy dropped, I mean from 60fps to 20fps.

So using many singletons in 1 patch gives bad performance!!
(took me a time to figure that out). Or is it an other Node that act like a singleton/performance killer?

Well, back to rescaling the patch when GUI is messy…

edit: fixed a bad typo…

you may probably no longer need dikis refresh module with beta>=14. if you see IO s over the place just hit one of them with the mouse. see?

Wow, hoovering works, I know you are fed up with this nasty bug, but it doesn’t restore the Names off the IOboxes (for me that is).

I hope you ever catch the litle beast!

(and any credit on the Refresh module goes to dujoducom :)

Sorry for that, fixed now, but most cool stuff I use is yours ;)

Well, it is the multiple instances off HWND and UpdateWindow that made everything slower.

Funny, you cannot create multiple Keyboard (System Global) nodes, but you can load them in subppatches.

ai, i forgot about those ioboxnames. tanks. fixed.


assumed the only reason for Keyboard (System) Global being a singleton is the existence of the “Keyboard Input” pin:

Wouldn’t it be possible to have a 2nd version “Keyboard (System) Global ReceiveOnly”?

for what reason?
in almost no case i need that inlet.
but i need lots of instances of modules containing Keyboard (System) Global and i noticed that this node has SOME needs regarding performance.
furthermore i assume that this drop of performance is caused in that node “listening” or “waiting” for inputevents?
could a receiveonly version more performant?

reminder for beta 17.x

see especially my rantings in that post above.

perhaps for 21?

and regarding:

with ALT stucks to the output

i still often notice this.
or ALT 3…

And I’ve had just 3 stick numerous times too!

also nice phenomenon