Keyboard node and Windows virtual keyboard

Hi guys,
I wanna use the Windows virtual keyboard with a touchscreen to collect data from users but I noticed that the dot button from the virtual keyboard doesn’t work. Seems that Keyboard node doesn’t receive that key. Dot button on physical keyboard works. All others keys work.

Is it a bug of Keyboard node o other?

I’m using vvvv50beta38.1 x64. Try with the attached patch.

VKeyboard.v4p (6.9 KB)

Seems to work for me without any issues. Which keyboard layout are you using?

Hi @domj,
with the “standard” layout that you are using it works. I would like to use the first Win keyboard layout beacuse it has special keys like “@” easily accessible and I think it is better for touchscreen.

Any way to use that layout with vvvv? All keys work except of dot key, but it is important when a user types the mail address! :-(

By layout I meant the country specific keyboard layout, eg ENG, ITA, …

As for the virtual keyboard layouts, the dot works in every each one of them docked and undocked for me. Try switching your country layout to something standard such as the English (United States) and see if the problem still persists.

Yep! If I use international layout the dot key works! I don’t know why with the Italian layout the dot key is not recognized by Keyboard node.

Thanks @domj!

Maybe it’s the world famous dott you’re getting instead!

Dunno really but glad I could help :)

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