Keyboard Input - Key Names not as expected


I’m trying to simulate Keystrokes to get a Renderer in Borderless Windowed Mode on vvvv startup (running Multiscreen on Win8, still not working:
But I don’t get Ctrl+8 running. It’s supposed to be “ControlKey” and “D8”, at least that’s what the Keyboard Node outputs if I press those keys.

It seems like the node works for different Keynames only - see patch attached, “F1” is not working while old “” still is.

any hints?

KeyboardInput.v4p (5.0 kB)

to move the solution from skype to public:
Keyboard Input is - my guess - legacy support. it needs the keys in the old format, before it was rewritten as plugin. that’s why it does not the input as you could read it on output Key. to simulate ControlKey the input has to be .

the second change is that formerly the node expected the input keys to be a sequential string like ‘8’ while now it needs each key as a separate slice.

will adapt the KillBorder module accordingly

hm works only very limited right?
I am sometimes able to type one character in the texteditor but no writing possible like this.

do you use the latest alpha with the mouse/keayboard updates: keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news