Keyboard global not working if another program has focus

Hi all,

keyboard global isn’t picking up key presses if another program has focus and vvvv is running in the background. Any ideas why this would be, I thought that was the point of this node is that it worked in the background.

thanks for any tips!

if the keyboard layout is not that important for you try this: directinput-(devices)

Awesome! thankyou! thats just what i needed. Howrver, I don’t understand what you mean about the keyboard layout…i don’t see any complications/downsides to using this node…?

i meant different languages has different layouts. for example French keyboard look very different from US or other countries keyboards. Keyboard (System Global) follows this and outputs “correct” keys however DirectInput reads raw hardware information so its keyboard output will be always in US layout

microdee, you are french ?

nope i’ve just met a french keyboard it was terrible, nothing was in place:D

danks, fixed.

joreg is on fire, he fixed the french keyboard!