Keep your macbook pro cool, running vvvv


My configuration for running vvvv in a macbook pro 15" 2,33ghz, 3gb ram, Ati x1600 (updated, win xp drivers) - bootcamp 2.1, win xp sp3, direct X 9L.

Try to update the firmware of the computer (in mac osx), maybe it reduces a little the temperature running windows.

First install the free app “smcFanControl 2.1.2” in mac osx, and turn on “auto start smcfancontrol after loging” ,select the minimum speed fans at 6000 rpm (it´s very high, i know).

Reboot in windows without turn of the power, now you are running windows and the fans are at 6000rpm all the time. it´s a little bit noisy but it´s better than see your computer burning.

You can try to remove the batery (i don´t know why, but in some patches it reduces the fps too) and buy a laptop cooler stand, for reduce ± 10ºC.

Download the free win app, “speedfan” to view the booth cores temp.
(more of 80ºc are excesive, 90ºc is dangerous).

Laptop cooler stand:

I´ve reduced 20ºC!!! the temperature. running a hard vvvv patch at 60 fps (cpu around 55%).

before 80º-83ºC, after 60ºC (without the batery and a aluminium laptop stand with 2 7x7cm fans at 2000 rpm, at 25 ºc ambient)

other solution is limit the framerate with mainloop node.

This is not a solution for long time, be carefull with your fans!! (but they are cheaper than your cpu ;) )

Hasta luego.

macbookpro reduces processor speed when battery is removed

fucking apples ;)

''macbookpro reduces processor speed when battery is removed

fucking apples ;)’’

haha - cool ‘feature’ ;) I love my macbook but for vvvv or generally for windows it totally sucks!

;P… no text …