Keep proper Text Spacing after Splitting Words

Hello fellows

Do you know how to keep right spacing in text when splitting,for example achieve circular text with right font spacing, i guess the key is GlyphInfo but was not too sure how to use for this.

any ideas ?

CircularTextSample.rar (11.9 kB)

hm hi there

I kind of found a solution. Once you have found the correct factor for the text spacing (of which I think it should be possible to calculate it, but I have no idea how, since it the value needs to be adapted with every change of the font, fontsize respectively), its okayish to calculate the characters positions in the circle. I also used a litte offset on the cirle, because otherwise the characters would be too close to each other on the top.

CircularTextSample3.v4p (28.3 kB)

ooh. I see, GlyphInfo (String) works fine with Text (DX9). A hint how it coult work in DX11 (which apparently uses dip as unit) would be awesome…

hi Ivo , good job thank you , unfortunately i dont know how to convert from dip to pixel either.