Keep a state?

I want to start a loop when i hit a key on the keyboard, but i can’t figure how to toggle the filestream “play” pin 0 to 1 and keep it like this until i strike again the same key…

How do you do ?

have a look to the S+H (Animation)
and also the " change " one…

must do the trick…;-)

and check TogEdge (Animation) and Toggle (Animation) .

It works with Toggle (thanks !), but V4 is so fast that when i hit a key, he toggle between the 2 value at speed of light :)

I have seen the mainloop node to reduce the framerate but i don’t want V4 to be slower in this patch. Can i use a delay or something ?

dont reduce the framerate. just make sure that you toggle only when you press the key, not when you are holding it.
thats what TogEdge (Animation) is for.