Keep 10 names on the screen whatever the lenght of the spread

from a friend of mine who is new to vvvv:
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pauline says:
hi all !
I’m pretty new to vvvv. so excuse this simple question:
I have a tab full of names.

I want to display 10 names and scroll them (one user is replaced by another one according to the rank of entries.)
The problem is that number of names can be different !
How can I deal with the width and input of my linear spread to maintain 10 names on the screen ? some names are cut sometimes by the top or bottom of the screen…don’t know how to deal with that neither…

see the patch attached, I hope I’m clear :-)
thanks in advance !

tableau_forums.v4p (18.5 kB)

unfortunately I am not on Windows right now but I ve dealt with a similar issue and my solution is to buffer the incoming slices with the Store nodes, after the Store you just invert the spread and get the 10 first slices, then move the offset at will.
hope it is what you are looking for

thanks for you answer !
the problem is that I want the scrolling effect wich is pretty cool (y translation of the entire text)…it just needs to stop at the right time to show 10 users ;)

thanks for your answer !
I would like to keep the nice scrolling effect (y translation of text)- so the offset is not enough…
I just need to find a way to stop the y scroll to show just 10 users…and whatever the total of users in the tab ! can’t figure out how to do this…

i think I (Spreads) is a better choice here:

tableau_forums_0.v4p (17.3 kB)

really really cool !!! thanks a lot !
i didn’t know I ! merci