Just one key

Hi, it’s possible to activate only one key of the keyboard and deactivate the others? I need this for an isnstallation where there is a computer and a keyboard, I’d like that people start to search the right key to press, for play a video. so I want to deactivate all the key except one (“F”).

Listen to that key to play the video ignore the rest with Keyboard (System Global).

But, and I wondered this myself, they can still use the keyboard to screw up things, like pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE or ALT+ENTER, and all that good stuff.

Or is there some hidden setting inside windows to disable that? I understand it can be dangerous because you can lock yourself out.

Or are there any keyboards that can behave like a MIDI controller?

also see Styx (Windows) (only available in 32bit builds!)

hi this is also related https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/5675

You could also use a key remapper like Mapkeyboard and remap all keys that might be “harmful”.

@bjoern, that is one tool that goes in my toolbox, than you :)