Just Load Bezier Spline

Hey is there a way to just load a Bezier Spline such that it can be interpreted by ArcLength? Or do I always need the Bezier Editor, which is kinda expensive …

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Currently, I do not see a way to manage several splines at the same time with ease.

First of all, you seem to be needing the editor to load the spline.
The BezierEditorView seems to not interpret a spread of Splines correctly, they are combined into one continuous spline.

Bezier Spread and ArcLength seem to be correctly spreadable.

I think it would be wise to have a BezierSpline Node, that just loads a given spline.
And then just pass one to the editor.

I’ve been trying to patch this in VL, but my knowledge is too little to get it done quickly.

– another issue
For a test I’ve loaded the same easy spline 10 times, and the editor gets so hungry that I can’t use it in production :(

you can join the beziers yourself. or did you mean something else?

BezierJoin.v4p (3.5 KB)

EDIT: ok you need to store/load them… that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish for @robotanton or @joreg. do you want to “plug/unplug” the editor as you need it? or do you don’t want to use it at all?

If I’m done with editing the spline and for showtime I would disconnect it to save performance.

And during designing the splines, it would of course be handy to be able to see them all (for cheap) and then only bring up the editor, when a spline is selected

sounds like a valid feature request.

Hi Eno,

yes, editing multiple curves in One Editor is our next step.
The BezierSpline loader is a good idea! Thank you.


In fact I have been able to isolate the load and convert to spline functions in the VL patch. But I don’t know how to make a separate function out of this that shows up as a node of its own

it’s a well kept secret that a node to show up in vvvv needs to be in a category that starts with “VVVV”, the ‘generic button’ must be OFF and if it is a type it needs to be set to “Class”. see also last section of this page:

if the node is still not showing up, it could be that the document is not parsed by vvvv. make sure that you define the new node in a document that is ‘visible’ to vvvv. e.g. it is in the ‘vl’ folder besides a patch or in the ‘lib/nodes/vl’ folder of a pack.

Hi @eno,

there are now:

  • Reader (2d BezierSpline)
  • Reader (3d BezierSpline)
  • Writer (2d BezierSpline)
  • Writer (3d BezierSpline)

in the latest Alpha for testing. They are still work in progress and things may change.
Disabling evaluation of the Editors will also help to save the cpu (for now).

Hope it will help you,

Hi. Thanks for this update.
I’m now stuck with a bug-or am I doing somehting wrong?
It seems this happens only in the dx11 version.
When I click on a point that was not previously selected, the point gets an offset applied and jumps off the screen.
Also the sudden addition of the original points upon an unwanted doubleclick seems counter-intuitive
Any ideas?


Also the reader seems to have an update problem. In the below scenario, where I change and edit a spline with the editor and then save them and reload the saved changes with the Bezier Reader to just be displayed with BezierSplineView - the Reader doesn’t update. Only when I feed the editor a different spline, the reader would load correctly.
Are you sharing the same object somewhere under the hood?

Hi Eno,

thank you for the findings!

The offset which you’ve seen by picking the points should be fixed now, it is still temporally solution as the proper gizmo is in the making.

Addition of the original points by doubleclick is also fixed.
In 3d Version new points can only be inserted into the curve (by pressing “i” and then doubleclick) and not added to it. 2d Version can add and insert new points.

Digging into the Reader/Writer we’ve discovered a bug in FileWriter, it will take a bit time to fix. For the moment all Editors and BezierSpline Writers got the new “Save Success” pin which you can use via FrameDelay for the Reader.

Please check the latest Alphas.

Have a nice weekend,

Thanks Anton,

I tried to test that by copying the editing Framework from the alpha lib/packs to my beta35.5 directory, and the splines don’t load correctly. I also get a warning for version incompatibility. Is there a way to cherry pick this feature from the alpha releases into my working beta?


Also, as a wishlist for further UX improvement: it would be great to have a shortcut to navigate to the next an previous point on the spline.

Hi Eno,

would you please prepare a small patch to test your splines with the Alpha?
It will be good for us to have this patch then to test it here with the Alpha/Beta mix you are writing about.

Regarding the shortcuts, it’s already there:


Hi Anton,

I can confirm the bugs are erased in the alpha version. I think you mentioned, that the save / reload bug is not covered yet.
Would be great if you could point out how to cherrypick this update into a 35.5 beta download.

please find attached my patch for your tests.

pathEditorTest.zip (15.1 KB)

Hi Eno,

the general VL File node is fixed in the latest Alpha, so now BezierSpline Reader/Writer are working fine.
I’ve updated your patch. See, the Reader is now connected to the “Save Success” of the BezierEditor via FrameDelay.

Regarding cherrypicking there will be an answer from Joreg, I guess.


pathEditorTest_updated_am.zip (10.1 KB)

One more thing I’ve noticed is that you cant drag the axis arrows on the side that doesn’t have the arrow.

Hi Eno,

the Gizmo is coming soon ™.
It will look even better (not so thick and cluttered) as in the current screenshot here:


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