Just a single bang!

I´ve got a little problem here with my patch. The problem is the following:

I track the activities of my programms in combination with a stopwatch. But for any further calculations for the timing how long a programm is running I need a bang event for my s+h node so that I get a starting point if the programm appears in my white list. Does anybody know how to get such an event from a constant 1-result?! I just need one single bang everytime the programm gets started.

Thank you so much


Ansatz_Struktur_v2_002.v4p (14.2 kB)
Programm_Zeit_Tracker.v4p (57.1 kB)

check OnOpen (VVVV) ;)

I think Scout_MR is trying to check for the opening of external Programs.
TogEdge (Animation) maybe?

If you get more bangs, just use a flipflop and a togedge, the flipflop wil only flip (or flop?) one time on a series of bangs. The togedge makes the flip a bang again.