Julia3d + Raymarching


Just ported the Julia3D raymarching implementation from

into vvvv.

Wanted to post it in hope someone joins me in the quest to get these things working together with the rest of the graphics that is not raymarching based.

So what I would like to investigate:

How to make the ‘fractal zoom’
How to apply the vvvv camera transform to this pixelshader function
Is it possible to get a depth from it to apply also things like

im new to (working) raymarching, so this is interesting

Julia3DVVVV.rar (5.5 kB)

Not sure about fractal zoom , but here is another useful shadertoy port with camera, and various distance functions, bdrf etc.

Appears there is a better solution calculating the distance functions in the compute shader which i guess would add a lot of possibilities.

edit:adding a friendlier to v4 example with SSS and cubemap reflectinos

primitives.zip (7.1 kB)
Metacubes.zip (1.1 MB)

nice thanks, these are good examples…

anyway twisting a bit my understanding of everything…

with the cubemap it would be possible to render a scene with regular meshes and phong shaders into a cubemap and then display it as the metacubes would be inside of it…

do you think thats the only way how to combine raytraced stuff with the other techniques?

i think it gives many possibilities shooting some rays somewhere higher in the pipeline.
the voxelizer in sm5 dx11/girlpower is a great example.

microdee posted some screenshots about raytracing in compute shaders.

I guess being able to shade normal geometry using rays would be the ultimate

this looks interesting

maybe someone else could shed some light…

while it can be done, it is still a very advanced topic.

hi levi! thx for these two interesting examples. on my nvidia 770/win7/beta32.1 the primitives.fx renders the primitives, but does no additional operations(boolean etc.). what am i doing wrong?